Alvin Cullium York The Great War Hero.

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Alvin Cullium York was born in Tennessee where he lived in the mountains with seventy-five acres of land because most of it was just rocks so they could only use seventeen acres of land for farming.

Alvin was the third son with bothers henry, Joe, Albert, James, Geogre, and Sam and sisters Lillie, Lucy and Hatti.

Before York became a Christian his life was a do what he felt like doing life; he would go to the bars And get drunk and he would go to the Shaft, which is a place in the woods with beer. He often went there With his friends to get drunk and pick fights and gamble and buy cheap whiskey, and after that they would go to the city and cause trouble and,, shoot their guns off yell and ride around on their horses.

Then one day Alvin had amazing experience, and he became a Christian in 1915 and he joined the church Of Christ Union January 1.

Alvin life was good after that and the woman he loved agreed to marry him.

He received a notice in the mail to register for draft June. His pastor urged Alvin to seek an exemption as a concinnity objector Alvin filled four appeals, but they were all rejected. Alvin was introduced to the army in 1917 November 15. The army was amazed at the marksmanship of Alvin York but he did not want to shoot human being . He thought that it was a sin to kill people. He also refused to shoot at Human targets. On October 8, 1918 York was in the 82nd division of the army. They were going to fight to Argonne forest.When they started fighting Alvin and some men were being fired on by machine guns so Alvin and 17 other men went round the left side to see if they could pass the machine guns and take them out from beind then they saw two Germans and they asked them to stop but they didn't listen and they ran so one of the men shot at them and they ran to Alvins right. Alvin and 17 other men chased after them then they saw 20 men throw their hands up they were giving up this group included a major . Then Alvin and the other men were being shot by the machine guns that were turned around at Alvin and the other men and they killed 9 of Alvin men them. Then Alvin captured another major who said he would call off the Germans if Alvin didn't kill any more men Alvin killed 20 men before he major blew the whistle. Then the major threw a grenade at Alvin but missed and Alvin killed him.There was about a hundred Germans there Alvin had 85 disarmed they till had another line to get through. All non-commissioned officers were dead which left Alvin in charge. So Alvin took the prisoners and Marched in front of the machine gun and the Germans gave up in the end Alvin had 132 Germans .Alvin received numerous medals and was promoted to sergeant he received the Distinguished Service Cross, French Croix De Gurrre, the French Legion of Honor, the Croce di Guerra of Italy, the War Medal of Montenegro, and the American Medal of Honor. When Alvin came back from Argonne forest in 1919 he was a famous man there were many news reports of how he Captured 132 Germans almost single handedly. When Alvin went back to Tennessee he was greeted by all the people and by a new house for him and Gracie Williams who married Alvin on June 7, 1919 by Governor A.H. Roberts.

In 1954 Alvin suffered from a cerebra hemorrhage and became bed -ridden. Alvin Cullum York died 1964 on September 2, 1964 Alvin C. York died in Veteran Hospital in Nashville Tennessee. He was buried in Pall Mall, Tennessee.

Alvin York had a school named after him and had a movie made about him in 1941 and an institute. He ran the School until he became to sick. Alvin C. York a boy from a unpopular town in Tennessee who had been a drunk and gambling person changed his way and became a Christian and became a famous who did something almost imposibble but he had God on his side and want against all the odd and he became a great war hero. This shows that god can do anything with any one if they believe.