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Who am I

Pure darkness is all I have.

Tears blur my vision.

There is too much pain in me.

Who am I

There is no one but myself.

I have no one but myself.

All trust is gone.

Who am I

I roam in the dark.

I pity no one.

I take what I want.

Who am I

Every soul in under my mercy.

No one can escape me.

I watch you sleep.

Who am I

I know you fears.

You think I can't harm you in the daylight.

But I can.

Who am I

I whisper in your ear.

I know your desires.

You need me.

Who am I

I am part of you.

I know what you know.

I give you adventure.

Who am I

I am never good.

I have no weakness.

I trust no one.

I am the Dark Angel

I am the Angel of Death

I am you dark side.