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Ladies and Gentlemen. To answer the question of what it really means to be an Australian, or how to identify us as Australians, can be summarized into one little statement. "Australians give a fair go for anybody who has the courage to try whatever they want to achieve in life". So this universal fairness and values is what I consider uniquely Australian than any other riches on this wonderful land.

We have the identity of one but we have the strength of many. To me it is harmony of all ethnic entities on earth. Whether we talk about food, culture or values we have the best mix to complement the other unique features of Australia.

We have the world's most venomous snake, as well as the cuddly innocent koala who sleeps all day. Our Flora and Fauna have been evolving since we were a part of Gondwanaland, just like we are evolving as a nation for 40000 years with our Aboriginal culture and heritage which is unique to Australia.

Where can you find a monolith which can change its colour? From Blue to red, and from violet to Pink and can even be seen from space! Only in Australia.

Uluru survived a unique environment for thousands of years, but it has stayed strong just like, as a nation who struggled to stay alive, but had overcome all the difficulties of our convict past.

Australia is the flattest continent on earth which welcomes people all around the world as its own, offering them a level playing field so that they can rise using their own strengths and abilities, doesn't it identify Australia?

All in all the beautiful but complex marine life living in harmony sharing crystal clear waters of the uniquely Australian, Great Barrier Reef, symbolizes how we live in harmony with the people of this wonderful country of ours.