Am I Capable of Caring for a Dog While in School?

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May 8 2014

Am I Capable of Caring for a Dog While in School?

"I am sorry I have to leave you to die in the hospital - I don't have enough money to pay

for your treatment." I said grievously. My dog started to whine when I turned my back and began

to walk away from him. When I turned my head to glance at him for the last time, I saw tears

coming down from his eyes right before he closed them.

" No!!!!!" I cried.

All of a sudden, I open my eyes and sit up. "It's a dream……." I murmur.

After I had the idea to get a puppy, I started to worry. Before making such a decision, I

needed to make sure I was able to take care of a dog properly.

I already knew that taking care of a dog is similar to taking care of an infant. They both

require lots of time and effort - but like children, all dogs are different. Firstly, dogs have

different kinds and sizes. Different dogs have different characteristics and I was not sure what

breeds I liked, but I did have a few in mind. I was also aware that some breeds have higher

chances of inheriting some types of health problem. As such, I had to consider my finances

before choosing whether to get a dog.

Before make the decision, I needed to do some research. What dog breed is suitable for

me? Do I have the ability to look after a dog? What kind of food should I feed my dog with and

what is the price? What are the health problems that will concern my dog, and am I able to pay

for the treatment? After making a...