"Am I made of Glass?" poem by Jessica Salyer

Essay by lilbirdee17A, February 2004

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I'm lying down on your bed yet I am invisible to you. I stare into your eyes but they glance right over my entire body and rest themselves into the mirror. Just the words coming out of your mouth, cuts my soul in pieces. So I bury my soul in all of your dresser drawers, some shall just lay on your wooden floor, screaming in vain to be pulled back together. Yet your own soul is screaming to my heart. You'll be fucking dead before the bullet hits your head. I love you and I really shouldn't. Your face is made of the prettiest glass and I accidentally smashed it. The lips I once kissed fly around this small dark room, cutting my cheeks, letting them bleed the shade of gray your tears used to be. Let me rise up on wings, and just kneel, to spread all the pain out before us as a rug spreads before a king.

The moon is as visible as the cuts on my forehead. I'll sing your scars away and we'll be clean, so clean. Though you cannot feel my touch, I can feel your own penetrate my skin. Layback, I'll sing in a whisper the lullabies that we used to know so well. Until you close your eyes for death, I'll stay to watch over you. Maybe someday you'll open your eyes, see that we're both dying inside. Your lips fly around me, reaching in to cut my own. Both our tears turned gray and so has our blood. Don't waste the day away, we could make this worthwhile. Dig my soul up and keep it as your own to keep moving. I'll make the bruises disappear and we will burn the flags into ashes. We will disappear in this quiet room.