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English Summer Work Anthology Revision Sheets Will Clarke 11C

Text 1 - Touching the Void

Background - Two climbers go in the Andes when one of them has a terrible accident. This is an extract taken from both of their accounts.

Language Analysis



Vivid and panicky descriptions give the reader imagery

From his description, we can tell that he is much more under control and calm throughout this situation.

He uses lots of personal feelings and emotions to make the reader feel involved.

'My immediate thought came to me without any emotion'. Shows that he is a lot less emotional and care free.

He uses a lot of adjectives to show the reader all of his feelings and ideas

Lots of adjectives to make the reader feel involved.

Uses lots of emotive language to show confusion and pain.

'He looked Pathetic'. Shows that he is very quick to decisions and judgemental.

Structure Analysis



Lots of short, sharp sentences give the reader a sense of tension and make them want to read on.

Uses lots of long sentences to show thought processes and ideas running through his mind.

The beginning of each paragraph is either used to develop a point or start a new one

Dramatic first sentence used to involve the reader.

The first sentence throws the reader straight into the action and makes them instantly involved and inquisitive as to what happens.

Gives a shorter description which overall shows that he doesn't have as much to say or he doesn't want to say it.

Use of long sentences is rare which shows that he isn't thinking much

Overall, Simon makes his description sound like the ordeal was no big deal but still manages to keep the reader involved and wanting to read it.

Joe makes...