Am I really That Fat? Response/Reaction Essay (Essay on the "South Beach Diet" in Elementary Schools)

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Here is the problem: One out of every five children in the U. S. is overweight, and this number is continuing to grow (quoted by Kaiser 2004). They are becoming fatter and more unhealthy right before our eyes. This heartbreaking problem of childhood obesity is an out of control epidemic. No one can debate that taste is probably one of the most powerful reasons why kids don't like a change in their diet. When the "South Beach Diet" was introduced to a school's menu by replacing less wholesome foods with healthier similar choices, the children hated it at first. As Kelly a fourth grader at a school located in Orlando that is taking part in this program would put it "we had better food last year" and "I want to go back to the old menu" (quoted by Mike Schneider, Associated Press Writer 2005).

But, as it has been proven at this school tastes and preferences for food can be changed. In the beginning of the program fifty percent (50%) of the children did not accept the new foods but as the year continued this percentage has changed to only fifteen percent (15%). With all this said, I believe and agree that childhood obesity is a problem that can be reduced by providing healthier food to school children with the support of the parents and involvement. Some parents also need to realize there is a problem and try to instill good eating values and practices in their children's feeble minds. I think it is an unreasonable idea to leave it up to the schools to teach nutrition to children.

The "South Beach Diet" and others alike can be successful if parents are involved with the program in building a healthy...