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I found this to be an exceptionally fascinating movie. One of the things that I became aware of from the beginning was that when Antonio Salieri was playing his own pieces I in no way remembered hearing of any of them. As soon as he played Mozart's however, it was something that I recognized that I had heard before. I found it amusing that when Mozart was young he wrote all these pieces and was considered to be so grand and renowned, but yet he acted just like any other young boy growing up, almost as if he did not know just how gifted he truly was. A good example of this is when he pulled his jacket up before he bent over to bow. When he was redoing the piece of the court composer, Mozart's version sounded a lot happier and made you get more drawn into the music more.

I believe his first opera really captured my attention. I also thought that it was outlandish of them to ask him to cut notes and make it shorter. I would think that if they liked it that much they would have wanted it to keep going and not end. I think that the reason Mozart wrote the opera about his father is because that was the only way that he knew how to communicate his feelings. I believe that he portrayed his dad as immense and significant in this opera because that is how he saw his father.

I found it unusual that he could not distinguish the voice of Salieri when he was dressed up to act like Mozart's father. Salieri's voice is not only one that Mozart heard nearly everyday, but you would assume that he knew his fathers voice as well. I did not really like...