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We wanted to find out how variables work in programming. To do this we created an Impossible-Game Style Pac-Man and implemented a variable to change to Mrs. Pac-Man and back again. We researched how variables work in computer programming and put together the Pac-Man game featuring a variable that activates when the "alt" key is pressed that changes the character to Mrs. Pac-Man. Overall we learned about how variables and other aspects of computer programming work.

Can A Program Be Created To Readjust Itself Based on A Single Variable?


Yes, the program can be created to readjust itself based on a variable, and can be done in the form of PAC-Man.

Materials + Procedures


Laptop (1)

Desktop (1)

Poster-Board (1)

Broadband Internet Connection



We researched coding and variables, using various sources to determine how to code in the Mrs. Pac-Man variable.

We began to work on the Pac-Man game.

First we created the basic systems (movement, etc.)

Next we created the ghosts and established how they will destroy the Pac Man instance on contact.

Afterwards we created the "room" where the game will be played: A basic maze filled with ghosts moving back and forth, that the player must navigate to win.

Once that was completed we created pellets to litter the maze with, giving the player an incentive to complete the game.

Finally we implemented Mrs. Pac-Man. How this works is Mrs. Pac-Man is controlled by a variable; when the "alt" key is pressed, the game sets higher the Mrs. Pac-Man variable, which is also automatically checked by the game. When it recognizes that it is higher, it changes the Pac-Man instance to that of Mrs. Pac-Man.

We tested the game and level layout, and found some glitches which were promptly...