Amazon.Com; A Case Study.

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The lunched of in July of 1995 was the creation of a new and bold way of doing business on the Internet. forced the traditional physical world brick and mortar retailer in the book industry to change the way they target the industry's consumers and then epitomized Business-2-Consumer e-retailing. Although, started as an online bookstore, according to eRetailNews 2000-11, ISSN; 1529-2959, they have since spread its wings into other industries such as music, DVD, toys, videos etc...

Subsequently, this has created a multitude of direct competitors for in several different industries. As continues to grow and create new alliances with other industry's leaders, the competition for global online market share grows intensively. As a result, Barnes and Nobles online store is now the leader in online book e-retailing.

In this section of the paper titled, I will discuss SWOT analysis based on a report conducted by eRetailNews.

The Internet Retailing Report titled "New vs. Old: The battle between traditional retail and dotcoms", eRetailNews 2000-11, ISSN: 159-2959. Additionally, I will discuss marketing and business strategies, the trends and forces in the online business-2-consumers industries, technology and financial information. SWOT Analysis (according to eRetailNews, The Internet Retailing Report, 2000 - 11 ISSN: 1529-2959; Titled: New vs. Old: The battle between traditional retail and dotcoms - Mini eRetail Scorecard)


Well established web brand

Loyal customers base of over 12million shoppers

Distribution facilities to handle growth and fulfillment

Leader in use of technology to delivery targeted content

Excellent offline customer service

Building international presence in markets outside of the USA

Has moved away form being a low price supplier of books toward a focus on delivering outstanding service at a price

Weaknesses brand has been diluted by entering a wide...