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1. How has developed since July 1995 to its present position at the end of the Case Study?

2. How would you define the business, as well as the industry, that is in,at the end of the case study?

3. How is technology likely to drive the strategy and affect future industry structures?

4. What criteria can be used to highlight the changes in strategic paradigm taking place due to e-commerce?

5. How has attempted to merge changes in strategic paradigm that are taking place due to e-commerce?

6. How is e-commerce affecting the traditional business way?

7. How would you classify Jeff Bezos leadership style??

Amazon is no longer just recognized as the largest river worldwide but also as the world's biggest online retailer. Choosing the name of the river with, literally, the biggest market share the aim of Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive of,

was obvious. Up to now the strategy of its founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, to grow as big as possible in the fastest time possible has paid off. (Die Zeit, 1998) has become synonymous with e-commerce, is one of the few Internet brands recognised worldwide (Economist, 2000) and for the first time, since its founding in 1995, could announce an overall profit of US$5.3 million. (Der Spiegel, 2004) However, up to this point it had been a long and hard way, which will be described in the first chapter.

1. How has developed since July 1995 to its present position?

Obviously has developed very well and fast from year to year in terms of employees, locations, customers, sales figures, etc. To avoid mentioning this figures, every year tables will be attached to show the growth of the company.

When starting business on...