Amber Alert System

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A powerful legacy plan was created. In 1996, 9 year-old Amber Hagerman was a little girl who was kidnapped and brutally murdered while riding her bike in Arlington, Texas. Among the community, where Amber resided were shocked and outraged residents when they had heard the worst of the bad news about Amber. Residents in the Dallas, Texas area flooded radio stations suggestion they inform each state through a special broadcast alert over the airways in hopes of preventing suck incidents in the future.

In response to the concerns for the safety of children, the Association of Radio Managers met with local law-enforcement agencies state wide and developed this so called innovative early warning system to supposedly help locate abducted children. Statistics showed abducted children's greatest enemy is time. The systems name is, The Amber Alert System. In order to activate the Amber Alert System, there are steps that need to be verified.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children suggests these steps be met before an alert is activated such as; law enforcement confirms child really has been abducted, circumstances surrounding the abduction of the child indicating the child is in danger of serious bodily harm or maybe even death, enough description information about the child, abductor and abductors vehicle.

The Amber Alert System is continued to be broadcasted 24 hours a day until agencies have either, found the child alive or dead or agencies have called off the search due to certain circumstances. The Amber Alert System is not to be played around with. I greatly feel that schools statewide should explain to the children about this new system and advise them not to fool around with the system. For instance, the two Mexican American females who didn't feel like being at church one night had decided to...