"The Amber Spyglass" by Philip Pullman

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"The Amber Spyglass" was written by Philip Pullman and is the 3rd and final book in the award-winning trilogy His Dark Materials. It is a book about a boy and a girl who are important for the future of all worlds, and who fall in love - yet when they discover it, they realize they have to separate. There are moments of happiness and terrible sorrow in the novel as it tells about the children's adventures. The book has some strong symbols which are displayed on the book cover I made.

The Amber Spyglass is the object, with which people are able to see Dust, and the mysterious substance Dust is very important in the story - Dust is knowledge, nothing would exist without it. Thought the Spyglass Dr Mary Malone sees Dust, she understands that it is leaving the universe and works out how to fix it.

The Amber Spyglass was made by Dr Malone's new friends Mulefa, the wheel-borne rectangle shaped creatures from a different world with an ability to see the Dust with a naked eye. On the original book cover the main drawing in the Amber Spyglass, and so it is on mine. I think it's important because without it Mary wouldn't understand why the Dust is leaving the universe, and the worlds wouldn't have been saved. The author most likely thinks so too, because he named the book The Amber Spyglass. I drew my Amber Spyglass differently from the one on the real cover. In the part where the lenses are I drew a picture of Will and Lyra with the Dust surrounding them. Since the book is about them I thought it would be good to have a picture of them on the cover. The things I talked about so far are drawn on the front of the book.

On the back of the book cover I also have some text and drawings. First I have a little explanation of what the book is about - like there are on many books. I did it because I think it makes people interested in the book. Next to the explanation I drew a picture of Panteleimon and Kirjava, Lyra and Will's dæmons. Dæmons are important in the story; they are physical manifestations of the person's soul. In Lyra's world, a dæmon takes the form of an animal and has a separate identity from a person, though they are one entity. However in many universes, such as ours, they are invisible and not physical. Dæmons are one of the reasons why Will and Lyra, who are from different worlds, will have to separate and go back to their own worlds. It is said that dæmons can only live in the world they were born in. They can't live in a different world from their own, and if they do, after approximately 10 years the dæmon together with the person will get sick and die.

Since Will and Lyra fall in love it is very depressing that they have to separate and will probably never see each other every again. Before they both go back to their worlds they agree that they will come to the Botanic Garden, which exists in both Will and Lyra's worlds every year, on the same day and time. That way they could feel like they are together again. I drew that bench on my book cover and made a little poem for it. Either Lyra or Will is talking in the poem, wishing they could be together again...