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Ambition is a drive toward ones goals. There are great goals and there are dire goals. During one's quest toward their goals a person is met at the same time with one's highest suffering and one's highest hope .These goals are subject to the individual, which makes every ambition different and unique. The main idea of ambition is the drive toward what you wish to achieve, gain, become. It is characterized by your hopes and dreams, outlining the person you wish to become, your concept of a better self. All of us have a concept of a person that we wish to become. This person which we aspire to become best satisfies our concept of the best person we can possibly be. This person may be good or evil, strong body or strong mind. Whatever the case is, this desired state is reflective of what we value as important to us.

It is defined by our hopes and dreams. Our ambitions let us bring our dreams to the reality. For example in the novel, The Great Gatsby by S. Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby's drive is Daisy. Because of her he becomes very wealthy, prosperous, and famous. Also one of the examples would be Wendell Kim, former pitcher for Giants and present manager of Indianapolis baseball league. He is the shortest pitcher there ever was in baseball, under 5.5". He never gave up in his quest. Nobody wanted to take him for the try outs, but he was persistent. He got into try outs

for the Giants and he was the only one who passed. Another person with the great ambition is Rev. Al Sharpton, present "Martin Luther King Jr." At one point he was a little boy with a great goal, and now because of his ambition he became a...