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Ambrose Essay The Japanese fought so bitterly because because theit way of life frowned upon surrender and defeat. They were driver not by a view of what the objective situation was, but by their view of what their code required them to do. To surrender while still capable of fighting one final battle was considered dishonorable.

The Japanese treated Prisoners of War so badly because of the sever race prejudice. The Japanese saw Americans a Japanese girl-raping apes. The Japanese also treated them so badly because of their drice to push on. They would not surrender. Japanese troops would fight until they had neither ammunition nor food left. They would fight with their bayonets and swords and then with their teeth. The POW's in Japanese hands were treated as slave laborers under conditions as dreadful as those of Hitler's slave labor camps. American prisoners in Germany suffered only a 4 percent death rate, compared to that of 27 percent in the Japanese Camps.

Ambrose believed that the Atomic Bomb was necessary to bring a conclusion to the war in the Pacific. One Reason was that the Japanese were only looking for an honorable way to surrender. "They had led their country into a war in which they could not possibly win and carried it out with a severe disregard for the dictates of decency or the laws of war." Another reason was that it saved many live from being lost in a ground invasion or another bombing raid on Japan by the US. The US had planned a ground invasion going by the Code names of Operation Olympic and Operation Coronet, invading the cities of Kyushu and Honshu, respectively. This ground invasion would have been a climactic battle of race and prejudice on home grounds. The amount of blood-letting from both sides would be phenomanal.

The First consequence was for the survivors in Japan. This was the most importand and immediate result of the atomic bomb. Their government had finally surrendured and the killing had stopped. The Second Consequence was that of the giving up the old way of living in Japan. In less than the course of a week, two atomic bombs had turned one of the world's most powerful countries into Asia's least militaristic nation. There has been no significant military revival in Japan since the end of the war. "Formerly a society and a state dominated by the military, it has become a country without one." A third consequence of the use of the atomic bomb came days and weeks after the incident. With the American soldiers and troops came Newspapermen and news cameras. American media was filled with accounts and photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which had a tremendous emotional impact on America. "People who had been demanding blood and retribution were shocked at what they saw, and they decided -- almost all Americans decided -- that the Japanese had been punished enough"