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THE STORY OF AMELIA EARHART My name is Amelia Earhart I was born in Atchison, Kansas on July 24, 1898, I rember the day I saw my first airplane, it was at the Iowa state fair, it was not much of a site to look at, I thought it looked like a big orange crate, at the time I never dreamed I would ever ride in a plane much less fligh one. The years that followed were happy ones for me I learned to swim and to ride horses back in my day it wasn't the norm for girls to do that sort of stuff. The summer after I finnished high school I went on a vacation to visist Muriel my sister in Toronto. I saw many hurt soldiers for World war 1 was going on I couldn't help feeling sorry for those soldiers after all there going out to help there country and this is the thanx they get so I told Muriel that I wanted to help these wounded soldiers and that is just what I did I became a nurse's aide at a hospital I brought medicine and food to the wounded men they liked me alot on one of my days off me and a friend of mine went to an airfield to watch some man do stunt flying his daredevil tricks scared my friend but they didn't frighten me I can't look her friend cried Oh I love it i cried!!!! I watched the plane do somersaults and all kinds of cool stuff I thought I was wonderful! My friend said that she would never dare to fly but I quitetly told my self I would and some day I will.

when the war was over I went to Columbia University and thought I might like to be a doctor but I felf this was not the thing for me to do. So I went home to Los Angeles California. one morning picked up a paper and read that there was going to be an airshow near by I beged my dad to take me so he did while I was there I thought it would be a great time to ask a pilot how much it costed to fly I beged my dad to go ask a pilot so he did in a few minutes he came back and told me that it costed a few hundred dollards. thats a lot of money I told my dad but I said that I would like to try it anyway at least go up as a passenger to see what it is like. After my first flight I was hooked for ever because flying costed some much I had to get a job to pay for the teacher. My teacher was all so a women she was one of the only women in the world who could fly. Soon my mom helped me to buy my first plane it was a small one but it was great! In fact I set a womens record for high flying at 14,000 I had a hard time making up my mind what I wanted to do of course I wanted to fly but I allso wanted to do something useful. So I ended up at denison house in Boston a social center I taught children to play games...and cool stuff like that....and when I wasn't taking care of kids I flew planes of course. One day in April 1928 I was called to the phone a man named George Putnam he was later to become my husband asked if I would like to make a long airplane flight...what a dumb question of coures I would. went to his office to talk more about this he asked me if I knew of Lindbergh and I told him of course I have he was a man who had been the first one to ever fly over the Atlantic ocean and then he asked me if I would like to do what he had done soon I was send to New York to meet a man by the name of George Putnam he was to be the manager of my ocean flight... how I ever I would not be the only person on this flight because I didn't know how to user instruments to fly and to fly over the ocean you had to know how to use them evey well. the plane was called Friendship it had three motors and rather than wheels it had pontoons so it would float if we went down over water the plan was to go from Boston to an island off the coast of Canda but we got held up a bit in Canda but before to long we were off. we had a bit of trouble because the radio gave out on us and we were flying in thick fog we where lucky and the fog lifted allowing us to see land. we brought the plane down of the water just of the coast of Wales. I was the first women to ever fly over any ocean I was treated like a heroine when I might aswell been a sack of potatoes. The President of the United States Calvin Coolidge sent me a nice message. When me and the boys got back to the U.S. the country gave us a big welcome and a parade in New York city. George Putnam asked me to write a book called 40 Hrs. and 40 Min. thats how long it took me and the boys to cross the ocean. I all so wrote for the Cosmopolitan magazine for a while. I soon quit working for the Cosmopolitan and went to work for a new passenger airline my job was to convice women that there husbands where safe from in an airplane soon the American plubic did feel better about the safey of airplanes. One day I desied that I wanted to fly the Atlantic solo thats right by my self. so I bought a new plane I named Vega after a star I had wished apone when I was a kid...on May 20, 1932 I took off for Europe of coures I had my share of problems but I made it just fine soon after I landed I went to London a newspaper said "not America only, not women only, but the whole world is proud of her." she was invited to many parties one night she danced with the prince of WalesI all so had lunch with the king and queen of belgium after lunch they gave me a medal. when I got back to New York I allso got many honors. I allso got to have dinner with the Hoovers at the white house after wards I got a medal from the National Geographic Society " the nation is pround" Mr. Hoover said " that an American woman should be the first woman in history to fly an airplane alone across the Altantic ocean." I was allso asked to dinner by the roosevelts and afterward I took them up in an airplane and I flew. Mrs. Rossevelt said " it really marked a new day in history when a girl in evening dress and slippers can pilot a plane at night. " for a while a became a teacher at Purdue University in Indiana I tought aviation Purdue gave me the bigest plane I had ever had a Lockheed Electra. This time I wanted to fly around the world at the equator. In June, 2, 1937 me and Fred started around the world we cross the Alantic ocean to Africa then went to India and then one to New Guninea there next step was to fly to Howland in the middle of the Pacific it would be hard to find the island the us sent a Coast Guard ship there with a strong raido so...they could talk to me...when I got close and talk me into the island, but it did'nt work out that way I crash in the ocean after runing out of plane sunk to the bottom of the ocean. the U.S. sent lots of planes and boats looking for me but none found me.....