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Amendment Proposal

For my Constitutional Amendment proposal, I have chosen to make a notion to revamp the

26th Amendment on voting age. My opinion is that the minimum voting age should be lowered to the

age of sixteen. This proposed bill would have to first be taken in front of Congress to allow them a

vote. If it two-thirds of Congress voted in favor of the bill, it would then move to the House of

Representatives. Here it would have to have the same success as in the congress to be passed as an

amendment. In essence, the bill must be approved by three-fourths of the states or it will not be

passed. It also has to be passed in a certain amount of time or it will be dropped. This period is usually

less then seven years.

There are a few reasons that I would like to propose this new amendment to modify the 26th

amendment. First, in today's present society, it has not been uncommon for children as early as thirteen

years old have been tried as adults. Now this may not seem like a double standard, but my second

point may be rather my conclusive. Youth as young as fourteen years of age can get employment in

present day America. Now apart of this job naturally is the pay check, and as law the law requires a

portion of the pay must be given to the government in the form of taxes. So if a young man work for

four years from the age of fourteen on, he will pay that much money to the government for leaders to

spend on that he has not even voted for. In my opinion, this far from just. No I do not believe that

voting age should be fourteen, but...