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America America,when I hear that word so many other words come to mind. For example, freedom, justice, liberty and hope. America represents this and so much more. America, the land of diversity , opportunity, and freedom, where your dreams can come true.

America is such a diverse country that it actually became known as the great melting pot or the saladbowl of life. America is made up of so many different races and cultures, there are people from all over there world here who come risking everything. America is more like a saladbowl of life because although there are so many different ingredients like the lettuce, tomatoe, corn and so many more you can still tell each one apart. You know which the tomatoe is and you know what the lettuce is and you don't confuse them but yet you know that it is all one salad. And if it were to be missing something, it would not be the same, it would be incomplete.

America is like that. It contains so many different races and cultures and that's what makes it what is is but all the cultures can still continue their tradition. They are all unified even though they all don't believe in the same things or have the same ideas or have the same skin color. All these immigrants who make up America are all coming because they believe that they can get something here, opportunity.

America offers opportunity to those who live here and to those who come from another country looking for it. Opportunity is defenitely a part of the reason that so many people come here. America gives you the opportunity to start down low and to work your way up with hard work. You can be the poorest man but if you work...