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The American media perspective on the war is one uniquely different

than those of other countries. The country is divided between pro and

anti-war sentiments, and the choice to support the decisions made by their

government. While the war rages on in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of

protesters have flocked to the streets to show their concern for the Iraqi

people and for America on an international level. Though these opinions are

held by roughly half the American people, there is also an overwhelming

sense of nationalism and pride that overflows into the media. The media is

being quite fair in representing those who are against the war, while also

being supportive of the government. America is not a nation of people who

turn their backs on their country; it's one where when the Star Spangled

Banner is played there are tears in the eyes of the citizens who fled bloody

battles, where people display the flag year-round, and though we hold

strongly in our belief of individualism, we reach out to those in need to

help hold them up during hard times.

War is one of those hard times. During this period America is seen as

a "bully" trying to conquer the world. To this I have to point out that the

history of America has never been one of imperialism, in fact most of the

wars that have been fought have been solely to support our allied countries.

If it wanted to take over other countries then the Marshall Plan would have

never come to be, and America would have made an effort to buy parts of the

European countries instead. In any case, any country that would or could be

the world superpower would come under international attack at some point or

another; it's not just...