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When George W. Bush admitted that he asked God for advice on Iraq, he made the war a religious one. I believe that asking a deity what to do in a situation where thousands of people could die is immoral. Government officials should consider basic moral arguments when laying out courses of action, instead of relying on a mythical force to guide them.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Christian God actually wanted George Bush to be president, as Bush claims he did, because Bush's actions are consistent with some of the terribly immoral and contradictory situations in the bible. For instance, the bible says, "the LORD is a man of war" and also describes him as a "God of peace". Similarly, on July 20th, 2004 George W. said, "I want to be the peace president" after saying "The best way to protect us is to stay on the offensive and to find terrorists before they try to harm us again.

And they will" on March 25th, 2004.

The government is using Christianity to gain the support of Christians, who make up the majority of Americans. With the support of the majority their party can remain in power, and pass legislation that doesn't consider the minority's perspective. Sometimes not even the majority's opinion can stop the executive branch from passing unfair legislation that clearly brings church and state closer together. Bush said "Congress wouldn't act, so I signed an executive order -- that means I did it on my own. It says we're going to open up billions of dollars in grant money competition to faith-based charities." This is an example of the government taking the side of the majority, and alienating the non Christians and the Christians who think religion and politics should be separated. Here is an extreme...