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United States of America is one of the most industrialized nations globally and is viewed as unique in several ways. The uniqueness of this country is famously known as American Exceptionalism and sets America as special among all other nations. This uniqueness sets the country as a model that other would desire to follow. This explains why the county has been referred to as "a city on a hill that cannot be hidden". The concept has persisted in American history of all times and is believed to be unfading. Despite the strong belief by the American society that the concept of Exceptionalism is enduring, some people believe that the concept did exist but its significance can only be regarded as history. This paper examines into details the concept of American Exceptionalism and how it has influenced the thinking of the people of United States. The paper also highlights the negative perception of towards the concept of American Exceptionalism.

Key Words: concept, constitution, liberalism

American Exceptionalism


The belief that America is an exceptional country that in several ways does not conform to the norm has been referred to as American exceptionalism. It is our country's uniqueness that rates it high and special among others. It can be argued out that America is one of the freest nations across the world at both personal and political levels. This is enabled by the fact that the country is governed by public as well as private interests. These interests that govern the America are based the country's own constitution which came to be in order to give each and every individual within the nation a window of success in the ever growing culture. Apart from the constitution, capitalism and faith are among the key pillars that have driven America to...