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America the Great ? After the Spanish-American War, America became a super power of the world. That title has stuck since then. However, different political leaders have caused this country to become unworthy of such a title. Most of these leaders were democrats, such as JFK and Bill Clinton. History has also shown that most wars have been won while republicans were holding office. Terrorist actions were stood up to more often with republicans in office also.

While Ronald Reagan was president, from 1981 to 1989, he had to deal with many terrorists. One large group was the communists in the USSR and China. Another was a group of rebels in Panama. These rebels used guerrilla warfare trying to gain control of the Panama Canal. President Reagan finally decided to attack the rebels and wiped out their group. When asked about his actions he stated, "Today, we did what we had to do ....

He counted on America to be passive, he counted wrong," It helped to earn him the nickname, Superman. Then, vice-president Bush, would soon have to face terrorists also.

When Iraq's dictator, Saddam Hussein, decided to invade his neighboring country of Kuwait. President Bush was called upon by Kuwait to help and the president answeredtheir call firmly. He told Saddam to pull out of Kuwait, when he was ignored, President Bush attacked. Saddam defended himself with everything he could, including children. He would move busloads of children to areas in danger of being bombed. President Bush, not wanting to take innocent lives had to resort to ground attacks and the stealth bombers.

Saddam's cowardice saved his life at one point, he had a child by him to prevent his assassination. Saddam and Iraq were soon beaten into submission. America, though, has not always been so brave...