America headed downhill?

Essay by Lightson August 2004

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America a free nation, known around the world as a super power seems to be heading downhill fast. Since Clinton held office America has become corrupt, brainwashed, idiotic and the freedoms the forefathers fought for restricted. The liberals and the democrats' wants to destroy America as soon as possible but the only thing that is holding them back is George W. Bush and the Republican Party. Why do I think America is heading downhill? Well its because murderers are forgiven because of age or culture. A Chinese man can get an away with beating his wife to death slowly and brutally just by saying it's a tradition. The nasty and sly foxes the lawyers come up with any dumb excuse and the convict can get away. Americans are losing their sense of security as murderers walk away free. The liberals have slowly brainwashed the Americans and has taken away their sense of freedom and security.

Over the years the democrats have seized the courts and brought unbalance to the three braches of the government. The only place the Republicans the people with sense have any power is the executive branch. Now for the 2004 election the democrats are brainwashing more people and is using lies to put Bush's name down and to make their candidate Kerry's name higher. Kerry may have served in Vietnam but it is a bunch of bullshit about him saving his crew and getting shot. According to the military data there was no shooting in that area that day. The people of America should realize that Bush is their savior, their guide back up hill, before its too late. Bush has accomplished 3 times as much as Clinton has accomplished in 20 years. Bush has saved thousands of lives by fighting and destroying terrorists...