Was America justified in dropping the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima? Definitily yes.

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It was the year of 1945 and The World War II was still burning whatever was left of the world at that time. The nations were fighting in hatred, killing innocent people with no mercy. It was then when the United States had to make it's decision. It was then, when President Truman had to choose life over death. It was the decision of whether or not the atomic bomb should be dropped on Japan...The Mathattan Project was created shortly after the deadly attack of Pearl Harbor. The top secret research effort to create one of the most powerful bombs in the world continued throughout the war. Then In July 1945 the bomb was first successfully tested in the desert of Alamagordo, and soon after that, it was the time for President Truman to make a decision. It would be a decision judged for years to come, but it would also be the one that would benefit everyone.

On August 6th 1945, Truman gave his permission to use the Atomic Bobm on Hirashima and Nagasaki. Was it the right decision? Definitely yes. The Atomic bomb ended the war, saved hundreds of thousands of peoples lives, nation's economy, and prevented us from having future wars.

The first and definitely the most significant result the atomic bomb brought was the end of the war. Although some historians may think that the bomb was not necessary in surrendering Japan, that view may not be competely correct. "In the summer of 1945 the Japanese leaders were trying to surrender, and the American leaders knew it" In fact, the America did not know about the Japan's plan to surrender, perhaps because there was no such plan at all. The Japanese soldiers would rather die in torture than be taken over by United States. The suicidal...