How America Kept the British Cool

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Nowadays, people are no longer afraid torrid weather because ice can bring cool for them. Thus, ice is a required thing in people's life, and people may get and keep it by many ways. However, blocks of ice from the lakes and rivers of Massachusetts were shipped across the Atlantic to London during the Victorian Age. This was a very inconvenient process, it is divided into two stages: in America and in Britain.

Firstly, people had to wait for that water was frozen in the lakes and rivers about one or two weeks in winter. After the water was frozen ice, people needed to test the thickness of ice which was a depth of eighteen inches or more. Then migrant workers made up the ice with local team workers, and blacksmiths fitted spiked shoes on the hooves of horses. At the same time, snow was cleaned out to reveal the crystal ice.

Next workers used metal teeth and long hand chisels to cut the ice, and that blocks of ice transferred to the timber icehouse. These blocks of ice slid down a chute to be shipped and regularly stacked in the hold of ship at the end of this stage.

Secondly, after sailing ship of fully loaded ice arrived in England, the blocks of ice were offloaded from the ship. And then, they were sold in the shop.

In conclusion, process of supplying ice is hard to Britain because of developing industry in the nineteenth century.