America Post Revolutionary War

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It would take much time and effort before the North's efforts would be recognized as successful. Looking at all the progress that the United States has made to date, it is clear that the North achieved its goals after winning the Civil War. It was a long struggle of tug of war between states, political sides and the people, which would lead America to become the Union it is today. Men and women of all races live in peace and acceptance of each other, sharing equal rights and equal opportunities. The journey was long and difficult, but the benefits to the people were worth every struggle.

With the end of the Civil War, came many changes that the United States would face in the years to come. Immediately following the Civil War, the United States would undergo the reconstruction era. During the reconstruction era, America was in a state of confusion and pain.

Many questions plagued the country. How would Abolition effect society? Would black men now have equal rights? What would become of the Confederacy and how would they be allowed back into the Union? This time following the war consisted of very strong, opposing interests between the North and the South. The North was making a desperate effort to seek out punishment for the South and to bring the Confederate leaders to justice. Southerners were overwhelmed by defeat and the potential changes that they would have to endure.

After the Civil War, slavery was no longer a part of the American way of life. Three constitutional amendments permanently changed the rights of African-Americans. The thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments were responsible for these changes. Slavery would be abolished in all states and territories. States were prohibited from depriving any male citizen of equal protection under the law, regardless...