America's Automotive Industry.

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Americas Automotive History

In today's world Americans depend on their automobiles to get from point A to B. In fact 87% of the US 281,421,906 million people have chosen the automobile as their prime means of transportation.

But this 50 billion industry did not appear yesterday or 2 years ago, it all began with men and women determined to find better means of transportation. Those inventors have had been experimenting their work on steam engines but it did not begin to flourish until the invention of the internal combustion engine, Witch was first introduced in 1859 when the French engineer J. J. Etienne Lenoir built a double-acting, spark-ignition engine that could be operated continuously. In 1885 Gottlieb Daimler constructed what is generally recognized as the prototype of the modern gas engine: small and fast, with a vertical cylinder, it used gasoline injected through a carburetor. In 1889 Daimler introduced a four-stroke engine with mushroom-shaped valves and two cylinders arranged in a V, having a much higher power-to-weight ratio; with the exception of electric starting, which would not be introduced until 1924, all modern gasoline engines are descended from Daimler's engines

The creation of the first car (with patent) is credited to Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz from Germany.

The duo worked together and then other new comers "stole" their concept and made cars to do the newest trend, race.

The First American car is credited to Ransom E. Olds which later became a car company as we know it today Oldsmobile. In 1899 Olds Motor Vehicle and Olds Gasoline Engine Works of Lansing merge to form Olds Motor Works. This new company is incorporated on May 8, 1899 with $500,000 capital. The first factory specifically for automobile manufacture in the United States is built by Olds in Detroit on Jefferson...