America's Dream

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America, a word that is considered to stand for freedom and of chance. But to a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico it is the name of a beautiful 28-year-old hotel maid in the novel "America's Dream" by Esmeralda Santiago. She lives a life of anger and helplessness controlled and held down by her married boyfriend, Correa, who beats her. Being resented by her alcoholic mother, Ester, and hated by her daughter, Rosalinda, also play a big part of her life. Until she is offered a job in Westchester county, New York as a live-in housekeeper and nanny for a very nice family, which she takes. Changing her life will not allow her to get rid of the feeling that no matter what she does, she can't get away from the past. The author shows the reader how life in an island like the one America lives in is.

The author also explains to the reader some stereotypes of the Spanish culture and also explaining the emotions of the characters and how they approach each situation they have to deal with. In the novel "America's Dream" by Esmeralda Santiago the author clearly translates the Hispanic-American experience to the reader.

The author thoroughly explains to the reader how life on the island that America lives in is. The island is mostly filled with hotels for tourists to stay at. On its hills it has big houses built by Americans. "Each house in this neighborhood has a four-wheel-drive vehicle in its marquesina, the lawns are neatly trimmed, and potted plants sway from hooks on the shaded decks." (18) This description of the neighborhood shows how Americans try to Americanize everything wherever they go. On the island people on Saturday nights would go out and have...