America's Extreme Makeover.

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Most people want to be good looking. Whether it is handsome or beautiful, people will do almost anything to enhance their looks. American society is so obsessed with looks that some people choose painful and expensive routes to be gorgeous, such as plastic surgery, Botox, or collagen injections. There is even a new reality show, Extreme Makeover, which takes the average, homely American, and transforms them into the stunning individual that the general public admires. But believe it or not, these intense and sometimes insane ways to be attractive do come with dangerous consequences.

Collagen is basically fat that is placed into either the hands or lips to make for a fuller, more voluptuous look. Although it makes lips look extra kissable and extremely sexy, a lot of risks are involved. Before going in for the outpatient surgery, an allergy test is mandatory before the procedure. Rash, hives, and flu-like symptoms are all possible when getting a collagen injection. A major downside to this procedure is it only lasts a few months to a year. Just think- if it only lasts 3 months or so, you get to do it all again 4 times a year!

Face lifts are usually done for men and women over the age of forty. Face lifts basically improve sagging neck and facial skin by removing excess fat and tightening up muscles. Even though this procedure will take years off the patients face and neck areas, there are many dangers that go along with it. Side effects to the surgery are relatively mild, with swelling, bruising, and some temporary numbness. Other major threats to the patient are injury to the nerves that control facial muscles, infection, bleeding, and severe scarring.

It is funny how some men and women will go crazy if there...