America's Present Time--this is a satirical essay about the use of steroids in sports today.

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America's Present Time

Steroids seem to be popular in the sport's world today. There are professional athletes who have taken and still take steroids, but who can blame them? Steroids are great for the body. They make one stronger, more muscular, and give athletes better endurance. So what if they can make people unhappy or violent, the muscular results of taking steroids are well worth the side effects. Steroids help the body so much; it does not matter if a couple of things go wrong in the body. Baseball may be America's past time, but baseball is out now; it is now time for steroids.

Steroids are used to enhance the body, and increase the amount of work output that someone can do. Steroids are much more efficient than working out. Why waste time working out when one could just sit at home, and take steroids. People who work out are ignorant and need to get with the program; they need to realize they are wasting their time, and doing work that steroids can do for them.

Just think, in the time one is spending working out, they could be doing their favorite hobby if they were on steroids. Steroids kills two birds with one stone; one is getting stronger, and one is free to do anything they choose because they are not wasting time working out. If more people took the steroid path, then there might be a cure for all diseases by now.

Steroids make people beautiful. What is more attractive than a woman with a muscular chest? It is impossible to think of anything more attractive than a woman that is bulging with muscle. No one wants a woman with a nice figure; nice figures are out, and

muscular figures are the way to go. Everyone...