America State of Mind

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America State of Mind

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America State of Mind


America's State of Mind is a report on the mental and social behavior of the American people. Medco Health Solutions, Inc. has done wide research and analysis to formulate the report (Harrison, 2000). The report has affirmed that over 2 million Americans are prescribed to accommodate anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) drugs and anti-anxiety treatments between the years 2001 and 2010 (Harrison, 2000) .


Generally, the number of people living in United States of America that are using a medication for the treatments of such mental and behavioral disorders has disturbingly increased since 2001 reaching 22 percent in 2010(Harrison, 2000). One-in-five-adults was taking medications to treat the disorders in the year 2010. Women are more likely to take such drugs rather then men (Harrison, 2000). The main dilemma is that the noticeable rise in the graph was observed in the column of young men (of ages 20 to 44) which rose about 43 percent during the years 2001 to 2010 (Harrison, 2000).

The women of ages 45 and older have also showed a great increase in the usage of such drugs (Harrison, 2000). In between young boys and girls, the highest number of taking drugs to treat the very disorders was observed in the column of boys, but the rate of young girls' usage of these drugs is also increasing fast (Harrison, 2000).

An observation carried out throughout the country showed that the usage of these drugs is prevailing in the east south central region of America which includes Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. This region is also known as the "Diabetes Belt." (Harrison, 2000) Studies have also resulted that people suffering from Diabetes are more likely to...