What is An American?

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What is An American?

Do you ever wonder what an american really is? Or what kind of qualities an american

has? American's have different qualities. Some, of the qualities some American's have

may fit, your idea on what an American is, and for others it might be the complete opposite. It all

dependes on what qualities an American should have.

To some up in one word what I think an American quality is, is loyal. The reason I think

an American is loyal is because when the Twin Towers fell, the American People started sending

money and aid to New York right Away. Another reason I think an american is loyal is

because if the country were in need for soldiers for war, most american people would fight for

there country.

I also think an American is caring. The reason for this is when other countries are in need

of aid or help we try to help out most of the countries, by sending food, money, and even

American soldiers to keep the peace.

Also when another american is in need of help most

American people help out the person or their family.

The final thing I think an american person is, is proud. The reason for that is when July

fourth comes Americans are celebrating in many ways, either lighting firework or just having a

good time with friends and family. Americans also show the countries flag on a flag pole or at a

school. A flag is always up all over the United States.

These are some of the characteristic, on what I think an american is. You may disagree or

agree but you will have to say that the American people are very lucky to live in America.