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ALICE WALKER "Don't Judge Me Because of the Color of My Skin" Alice Walker "Don't Judge me because of the color of My Skin" I. Thesis Statement I am going to be explaining to you the life and works of Alice Walker. I am going to go into detail about some of her short stories and get very complex about her most influential story ("The Color Purple") of the Modern American Writings. I hope at the end of the report your opinions of things within this report will be drastically changed do to what I and She has to say. This report will the book that I have read, the genre, some historic events, and also the Author herself. (Alice Walker) She Has many good books sorting from non fiction biography to spaced out poem.

II. Revolutionary Petunia's A) Summary The Book that I read "Revolutionary Petunias" talked about her poem and her life.

It was a book that served many purposes. It showed me her poems and talked about the author in very good descriptions from her childhood to adulthood.

When Alice Walker was 5 years old she and her brothers were playing cowboys and Indians. Well, she was the Indian and in the process of pretend killing her they shot her eye out with a BB-gun. From my personal experiences I was shot in the butt by a BB-gun from long range and it hurt like hell. Actually it felt like a bee sting, so i could just imagine the world of hurt she was in.

Alice walker was a great admirer of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She attended as much speeches as she possibly could. She even attended his funereal service. At one of the speeches she was so far back that she could not see...