American Beauty Producer: Bruce Cohen Director: Sam Mendes

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1. Did like or enjoy the film? Very much 5 4 3 2 1 Not very much 3Why? How did you feel or what were you thinking throughout the movie?I thought that the film was o.k.. There were some things that I liked a lot about the film such as the cinematography and the plot-line throughout the film. However, other things such as the middle-age guy lusting after a high school student made me feel a little nauseous. During the movie I liked the story line of the daughter and the neighbor boy. I felt that it was very artistic and carried a lot of significance in the movie.

2. What was the principal purpose(s) or storyline of the movie (entertainment-oriented? politically-oriented?) and who was the intended audience(s)?The principle storyline of the move was entertainment-oriented and was intended for high school students and older. Although probably intended more for a male audience, the film also appeals to females with the romance side-plot and the male actors picked for the roles.

3. Was there a political message and/or point of view? What was it?There was a political message and/or point of view it this film although more subtle than some of the other films that we have viewed in class. However upon looking closer (with the help of this class of course), the film critiques the idea of the American dream and the hypocrisy of the American lifestyle. In his review, Thom is able to go into better detail on the political messages of the film, “The film denounces the hypocrisy of a society obsessed with an outer appearance of success but is eaten away by frustration on the inside, thus destroying a certain American dream. Here, Puritanism, patriotism, empowerment, and corporate America will not be spared.”4. How was this done...