American Cinema: How it has and will effect society.

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The cinema has always been a big thing to people since it came around a long time ago. It gave people another alternative to the radio or books, which where the only other sources of entertainment available to them at the time. It was a nice evening out thing to do and still is today. Today people use it for many different reasons. Older people use it for family outings bringing their kids out to see a movie on the weekend. Young teenagers use it for a place to hangout with each other.

I use it to get away from a lot of things. The drama of living around here and all the worries I have can simply be lifted away if even for the hour or two I am in there. My girlfriend and I simply watching a movie together with no other interferences is a wonderful experience for me.

Once the lights go off in the theater it is like you are in a completely different world where there is nothing that can touch you or bother you, you are just there to enjoy a film.

Viewing a film and reading a book are similar in so many ways; I think it would be simpler to list the things that they don't share. One major thing that make a movie similar to a book is that just as books have, movies have different styles of portraying things that give off certain moods. Another thing is movies can be analyzed into deeper meaning just as much so as books can, maybe there isn't as vast of movies that can be as books, but there still are some. Both movies and books are made through the individual's thoughts and visions and can be appreciated by the audiences.

There is one...