American Civil War, A letter from a slave

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American Civil War

Midterm Response #3


Dear Mr. Brown,

I have thought long and hard about your request and here is my reply, I am very much interested in the idea of freedom. But first you must understand that I was born a slave, raised in the fiery sun of the South. I am the proud mother of three beautiful children and a proud wife of a strong and honest man. As of right now this is all I know, but I know there is more to life than this. I know there is more to offer my children than this. Being a slave, I am blessed already that I can read and write and that I get through each day with my head bent low keeping from master's ever watchful eye; but now you ask me to move from my safe corner in the shadows and go into to the sun.

I have but one question, how will you protect me and my family, if this slave uprising goes all wrong? With no guarantee of my safety, I cannot take this decision lightly it is not only my life I am concerned with but the life of my kids and husband, of which I place at a much higher value than my own.

But I must stand up against the monster who owns my family and me, the man who has no humanity in his soul. I truly wish to free myself from him, and tell the world the real horrors that happen behind closed doors. I am very familiar with your work and your ideals, but I am also familiar with those you oppose you. Oh yes I am fully aware of those that oppose you for instance George Fitzhugh. I managed to sneak away a copy...