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The American Dream When asked, "what does the American Dream mean to you" there's no right or wrong answer. It's a goal. And different people have different goals in life. For example a poor man's dream may to own a home, where a rich man's goal may be to own a summer house in Florida on top of his penthouse in Manhattan. The American dream is what keeps people working long, and hard. It's a glimpse of hope, an idea that keeps people motivated to do well, so that one day this dream can come a reality.

All people aspire to achieve a goal. I believe that any positive goal for the future would be classified as an American dream. Basically the American dream is future success, like a Cinderella story. Rags to riches. With the motivation of the American dream anything's possible. Although only possible in countries such as America, thus the name.

The dream rarely exists in countries where the right of choice has been taken way from the people. Dictatorships for example, from day one people are told what to do. Where they can work, live etc. Off the bat people are getting discouraged with their futures, left to feel helpless over their fate. That's why many people move to America. "The land of opportunity", and "where the streets are paved with gold". Foreigners are under a disillusion that in America you can get rich quick. That rarely happens although it's not impossible.

A classic example of a man living the American Dream would be my father. He came from a little town in Germany where education wasn't really mandatory. The men worked on the farms and didn't go to school. That's just the way it was. He never really had any other choice for a career,