The American Dream

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Although liberty and justice for all is guaranteed by our constitution, I don't believe it exists equally for all segments of our population. What does it mean to live in a country with "Liberty and Justice for all"? Does it mean that everyone who is an American has the right to be what they want? Well by reading the article "American Dreams" by Kevin Jennings, I have came to realize the way people view things in today's society. I don't believe one's dream should be bursted into pieces because of who they are and how they act. It is a very clear picture in my mind that people like gays, blacks, Jews, and women aren't given the same opportunities as the normal white Anglo Saxon protestant

In today's America.

There are times when justice works perfectly for "all"

and other times that it lets some people down. What can be liberating to one's psyche can be devastating to their careers and relationships.

Until people evolve to the point where they can truly accept "differences" without being judgmental, we will never have "liberty and justice for all"

The truth about oneself can be liberating, but can also have devastating affects on one's life. For example: military, policeman, and teachers are all types of careers that can be ruined once it comes out that you are gay. While it is true that there should be equality for all, it is not always true due to prejudice. Most people would agree that gays, blacks, etc. should have equal rights as long as its not them that have to deal with it. For instance, a man may tell you that blacks should be treated equally, but then again he would never hire one. So, basically what I'm saying is that "liberty" in...