American dream.

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When I am asked how do you define the concept of the American dream? I think about how for many people the American dream can represent a lot of things. It can be as small as to where they want to live when they have the chance to pick, or as reminder as to how they would like to change the world to improve the future for themselves. An American dream can be one of a nation or an individual person's dream. But this dream for me is simply the urge for a better life. The beginning of the nation's American dream seemed to have come to us in the pioneering journey of the Plymouth Plantation. As the people were hopping to escape from Britain, by taking the dangerous journey they hopped to get political and religious freedoms. Many Americans come to America and wanted a land were people could be free, make money and do well in life.

People dreamed of having a piece of land where their farm animals would be able to live and where they would be able to harvest their crops. However as the new nation developed and expanded, so did the dream. The American Dream evolved into a more self-centered dream. Americans wanted more and wanted to be better at everything the some of the nations the came from.

I hear America singing shows that people are singing about their life in a hard working nation were you need to make money. But as the poem continues you start to notice that everyone is singing more about them self. In this poem it seems that people become more concerned about themselves. The American dream always shows that as long as it lives in the people the people will always have a life full...