The American Dream

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Today the American dream is the story of rags to riches, that you can do anything. The first person to live the America dream was Benjamin Franklin; he became the embodiment of the American dream. He started poor and errand so much money he became a multi-millionaire. Thomas Jefferson was another person that contributed to the American Dream by writing the Declaration of Independence separating the U.S. from Great Britain by reinstating our freedoms that today make the American Dream possible. Michel -Guillaume Jean de Crevecoeur became the known as the writer of the Letters from an American Farmer. These three people formed the American dream. Franklin showed everyone that anyone could become rich. Jefferson showed the Americans that they have certain irrevocable rights. Crevecoeur.

Benjamin Franklin started out working for his brother as a paperboy. " I was expected to carry the papers through the streets to the customers" (Jovanovich pg 59).

Franklin was moving up and he began to write for his brother's newspaper unanimously. "Being still a boy, and suspecting my brother would object to printing anything of mine in his paper if he knew it to be mine, I contrived to disguise my hand and writing anonymous paper, I put it in at night under the door of the printing house" (Jovanovich PG 59.) There is not just one way of doing things are Franklin has just proved you can do whatever you set your mind to. Franklin thought that even if someone were perfect they still would not be the best person. "A speckled axe was best" (Jovanovich pg 65.) Franklin gave Americans an outline of the American dream that a person no matter who could become rich and that you do not have to be perfect just be the best you can be...