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The American Dream is the quintessence of a comfortable victorious life, which often includes material prosperity, a house, an improved life for one's kids, and sometimes; it means achieving any goals one may have regardless of what class he or she comes from (O'Connor, Sabato and, Yanus 19). In recent years, it has become more difficult to achieve the American Dream; this is mainly due various issues involving the relationship between the government and the people. Therefore, the American Dream is gradually dying.

The meaning of the American Dream has vastly changed in recent years. The American Dream has become more about feeling a sense of fulfillment rather than financial succeeding, or providing security for the children (O'Connor, Sabato and, Yanus 20). It has become this way because people often make a reasonable amount of money, but they are not entirely content in their careers. However, for most individuals feeling a sense of satisfaction comes from financially benefiting, and taking care of his or her family.

Achieving the American Dream used to be attaining wealth and material prosperity; now, reaching the American Dream means gaining self-satisfaction (O'Connor, Sabato and, Yanus 20). Currently, it has become incredibly difficult even to gain self-satisfaction.

In order to achieve the American Dream it is vital to have hope; however one should also take the necessary steps. A recent study shows that most of the younger generations believe it is very important to achieve the American Dream in their lifetime; 42% of the Generation X, and 55% of the Generation Y believed that it was very important, to achieve the American Dream (O'Connor, Sabato and, Yanus 20). From this study, it can be concluded that these people carry high amounts of faith with them. However, only a...