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22 October 2014

The American Dream

The starvation was getting stronger and stronger, but they needed to survive even if it meant eating their dead mother. The Chesapeake Bay colonists had a very strong dream, so strong that they would do anything to survive and make those dreams come true. They wanted wealth and riches, to pay off their debt and live outside the poverty line, which was their American dream. The Massachusetts Bay colonists' American dream was to practice their religion without persecution. The dreams for both of the colonies changed over time and eventually they had different dreams they wanted to pursue, however, as time goes on and life starts to get easier their dreams seems to come back to what they originally came to America for especially for the Chesapeake Bay colony.

The Chesapeake Bay colony came to America with the dream of getting rich and starting a much better life. They believed that America was full of gold because and thought they would get rich in America and bring the money back with them to England, where they could beat the poverty issue and finally live happily and comfortably. Their dream was to pay back their debts and make money. Obviously this didn't happen. The longer the settlers stayed, the harder it was to leave. They started to grow crops such as tobacco, because of the abundance of flat land they had, which "made their fortunes" (Chesapeake Colonies: Virginia, Maryland). They had to stay and take care of the crops and harvest, which meant they couldn't leave and this changed their dream. From wanting only wealth and to getting above the poverty line, the dream changed to wanting more and doing...