"The American dream" and it's troubles.

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The American dream can be interpreted by people in a number of ways. However a person interprets this dream, their desires are based on a few key aspects that are the foundations of this country. These characteristics are power, freedom, and happiness. Looking back on history, our country has gone through changes when certain aspects of this dream were more important than others. Stegner states that when people followed this dream, they ended up in disaster. Over time, people have strived for things that were impossible to achieve for one reason or another. These failed attempts left people with only illusions of this dream, which compares with a marsh light. A marsh light can be symbolized as an oasis, a hallucination or motivation. The American dream can be described as an ideal that while trying to achieve this, ends up in disaster.

America's foundation was built on dreams. When America broke free from England, the people of this country had ideas to improve the way of life such as separating church from state.

Philosopher John Locke once said, "And in the beginning, the whole world was America." By this he meant, that before a government or rules are established, people live in a state of nature, struggling to survive. When a government is set, people have a social contract with it. This contract is that people will give up a little liberty to follow the laws of the government if the government promises to protect the natural rights of the people. These natural rights are life, liberty, and property. If the government does not protect these rights, then the people have the right to rebel. When Locke said, "All the world was America," he was referring to our Constitution and the initial goal of our founding forefathers. Thirty-nine delegates signed...