The American Dream This essay is about the American Dream throughout the years of American history.

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1.In general, the American Dream is John Winthrop's theory of "A City upon A Hill." John Winthrop was a Puritan and had a theory of building a perfect society. He wanted people to admire and take after his perfect community. To me, it means to have the idealistic country so people could admire and take after. To have every country envy us yet not despise us. The dream is that America has to be superior to the world and that our flag is a symbol of freedom and liberty. In the 1830s and 1860s, the American Dream is to own your own property and not be under the cynical eye of others. You have to succeed in life and be recognized by others. The dream is to have respect for others and others to respect you.

2. In this time period, African Americans view the American Dream as going back to their own country where they will not be under the rule and influence of man.

After they were set free from enslavement, the only dream they had in mind was to go back to their country and make a life they once had. This life and dream was waiting for them in Liberia, Africa.

3.I think that the American Dream has the same roots now compared to that of the Puritans. The dream of the Puritans was to "Build a City upon a Hill." They wanted to have the perfect society and they would not tolerate anything that is unjust to them. The Puritans' perfect society was based on religion morals and faith. Nowadays, our "City upon a Hill" is like a college campus. A college campus is our ideal utopian society. A college campus exercises our minds and we develop how to be...