The American Dream or Lies by the Rich

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In America we all can become what we wish for, and what we have dreamed about all our lives, but can we really. We find children acting out as cops and firemen, but as time goes by, things begin to change. Dreams begin to change. Money, nice cars, a big house and basic wealth have become a persona that our society has brainwashed us to have. Now that childhood dream is not a dream anymore. But even if it were, would the "American Dream" still be true, especially in the late nineteenth century when our country was coming off a disappointment of the Civil War. I think now and especially then, this " true dream" was just a lie the rich told. As fast as the dream has changed in our lives so did the "American Dream" change in the history of America. Andrew Carnegie once wrote: "Nothing has characterized America more than the "American Dream"- the belief that anyone can rise above his origins, no matter how humble, and through hard work, honesty and thrift achieve positions of power and influence…" In this essay I will pin point three main details of this statement by Carnegie, of how in the nineteenth century a brainwash lie was in the making for years to come.

Lets start from the beginning; what characterized America at the end of that century. Hate, from the south to the north, from brother to brother. Where does a dream lie in that? After the war, Reconstruction began in the South, which was basically a mistreatment for the southerners, southern blacks are subjected to southern ways as free people, and they were also victims to angry southern whites. With all this happening, the north was becoming industrialized leaving the south behind economically. The American dream was beginning...