The American Dream, Is It For You?

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The American Dream, is it for you? As a child you are told that you can be anything you put your mind to. What they don't tell you is that if you have less money, or if you are of a different race or gender, you'll have to work harder and you will still not be guaranteed your dreams. Although some may say that the American dream gives unrealistic hopes to people, it still serves a purpose. The purpose is to give hope and motivation to some when there is none. Despite all of the American dream stories of how any average person who works hard will be rewarded for their efforts, real life is not as perfect. Is it all right for the same time old American dream to be used and have the same meaning even as society standards and rules change? And if so, whose determinations of these standards label you as successful? If you believe that everyone is entitled to his or her "piece of the pie" and that money will make you happy then you believe in the American dream.

However, the American dream does not give the definition for what success, is or how it is determined; but it does show the possibilities and achievements that people are capable of obtaining.

How is success determined? In today's society success is determined by the amount of money you have and how many people know you. Money gives you a label in which people know and refer to you by. This is seen through movie stars, athletes, models, and business millionaires. These people are seen on the cover of magazines, on TV, and in movies. People refer to them by their first name as if they know them personally. Everyone hears their story and sees...