American Dreams

Essay by koreanmic October 2004

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The typical American Dream is to have a respectable occupation and have a lot of money to support yourself and your family. I am one who believes in this American Dream though, for me it is more of a goal than it is a dream. Most dreams are unconquerable or unreachable and therefore are called dreams. As the definition of a goal reads as a mark set to be reached by an individual. Though the American Dream is very unreachable for many families and individuals, I personally think that the American dream is worthless. The modern American Dream differs from the original American dream as that the settlers wanted only land and freedom, where as we want money and more money. The settlers from Britain (mostly) wanted to start over and gain more land and start new lives under no monarchy. Now, the modern American Dream is to gain money, and live off of money.

Now days, to most, money is the most important thing. To some, money cannot buy happiness, but many - including myself - disagree. Money can bring happiness if u do not wish to marry or have children. Money can get you a nice house, and all sorts of accessories which will make you happy. so in some ways, money can be everything but in others it may not be. The American Dream is still a dream in the fact that most people who call it the American Dream cannot obtain what is within it. The American is a bunch of crap that the white man created to look intelligent. If he were so intelligent, why was he so dumb to call it a dream when it was still a goal. Though the American Dream for some is very unobtainable. The American Dream is a goal...