American elections and its low voter turnout

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American elections and its low voter turnout

America is the economic hub of the world. The United States of America were developed in 1776 with the casting of the declaration of independence. In this document the founding fathers of the United States set up a power system that checked and balanced itself. This was based strongly on the British system of government with the exception of a king. Now the American government is made up of the House of Representatives and Congress, which cover the law-making branch of government. The Presidential position which is the elected official that is picked by the American people to represent them as a country. The last branch is the judicial branch, which is to judge the interpretation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Now in this government created by the equal citizens of America, the Congress and House of Representatives are chosen along with the President to represent them as individuals.

The right to choose the representatives is something written in the Constitution. Now as opposed to many strong industrial countries the choice to vote is not an option.

The ability to choose a person to represent him or herself in a national way is an idea Americans have developed over the last two hundred and twenty six years. This idea of representation many other nations have used, except these countries have shown more success in the turn out of voters. This is a question that many individual political scientists and political party campaign advisors seem to come by. A large question asked is why is American voter turnout so low; and how can we boost voter output.

Now American voters are the lowest turnout of voters in the world, with the exception of Switzerland. This is possibly because of the fact...