The American Family Defined

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When I hear the term family my mind begins to think of those in my immediate family including my father, mother, 2 older sisters, younger brother and brother-in-law. Although when I am asked to define the term, much like this essay, it is possible for me to develop my thoughts further.

My immediate family, with an emphasis on my mother and father alone, has been the caretakers of me all my life. It was not until I came to college, a year and a half ago, that I really stepped out of their care and began to become a man. My family seems pretty typical as far as middle-class families go. That is to say I did not feel that my family was by far any different than any other families in our town that I knew. In my neighborhood the biggest issue with families was divorce. Luckily I have never had to experience anything like that yet.

My father worked through out my life and my mother began working when I was very young. This was not very uncommon among other families in our town. Working inside and outside the house did not make my mother any less motherly. She always made breakfast and brown bagged my brother and my lunches. She still, even to this day, comes home and makes dinner after a nine-hour day at work. My father took on typical father roles as well. He was the man of the house. Any of us children would go to him when we got in trouble. He would always go to all of our sporting events and he always is fixing things around the house.

My siblings make up the rest of my family at home. I have two older sisters, one is 25 and...