American Farmer Movement: Populism

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Better off Dead

The American Farmer has always been misunderstood and has become the scapegoat for people to blame. The American Farmer is not an understatement; they are the backbone of the American cities because without them, there would not be the ability to industrialize. Why? Because everyone would have to be worried about getting their food supply but instead we have one farmer who can supply a whole city with food. The importance of the farmer should not be underrated but even overrated, we often take for granted all we have, and food could be scarce like in other regions of the world. We put tremendous pressure on the farmer when they could be facing drought like the dust bowl that swept Middle America, mostly Oklahoma in the 1930's.

Like any farmer, there will be droughts and unwelcome weather. Especially in Middle America where there are devastating tornadoes, this could bring about troubles for a city dependent on this farm region's food supply.

A farmer's manmade problems include oversupply or surplus because the food could go to waste. The soil is another man made problem because a farmer needs to be constantly on the move, because the soil needs at least six months to recover for it to be used again. When cattlemen walk their longhorns across farmer's land, this creates problems for those longhorns which eat the farmer's work or it could fuse to a fight between cattlemen and the farmer. These problems raised eyebrows as Americans began to enjoy the fruits of the automobile and more inventions to come.

The American Farmer then tried to pass the Gold Standard Law to have unlimited coinage of silver. This would help the Farmer recover and survive economically. The farmer's alliance had the motivation of frustration because of the entire...